Shared Obstetric Care

We have a number of doctors who provide shared antenatal (pregnancy) care with selected local public hospitals.

Sue English Sandringham Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital, Royal Womens Hospital, Mercy Hospital for Women, and Box Hill Hospital

Sally Hyden Sandringham Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital and Royal Women's Hospital

Cathy Leembruggen Sandringham Hospital and Royal Women's Hospital

Marie Swieca Sandringham Hospital, Monash Medical Centre and Royal Women's Hospital

Routine Visits

There will be an initial visit at approximately 6-8 weeks and then at regular intervals until your delivery. Appointments can be made at other times as necessary.

The first two visits will be long consultations and will include an Antenatal Assessment consultation with the practice nurse at 10-11 weeks.

At approximately 34 weeks you will have a pregnancy planning visit with your shared care doctor.  This will be a long consultation.  Preparation for your birth is discussed at this visit.

You will attend the antenatal clinic at the hospital for a number of visits during the course of your pregnancy

Hospital Bookings

Your doctor will organise your hospital booking.

When you visit the midwives at the hospital please discuss bookings for antenatal classes if this is your first pregnancy.  PLEASE NOTE at Sandringham Hospital, tours of the Labour Ward are only available through the antenatal classes.


Routine Investigations

Blood and urine tests, including testing for Down's Syndrome and other genetic disorders, will be discussed during your first visit.

Other tests, including your required ultrasounds, will also be discussed.

Labour Ward

If you

 - think you are in labour,
-  have ruptured your membranes,
-  have had a loss of blood,
-  have noticed a significant reduction in the frequency of movements, or
-  any other significant problem in your pregnancy,

contact your doctor or Labour Ward.


Your first visit will be a Medicare Level C consultation.  The second visit, including the nurse assessment, will be a Medicare Level D consultation and your 34 week pregnancy planning visit will be billed as a Medicare Item 16591.  All other visits will usually be a Medicare Level B consultation.  More information on the consultation fees may be obtained from our reception staff.

There is no charge to you for delivery or hospital care as the hospital is billed directly.

PLEASE NOTE that if you are admitted to hospital as a public patient there can be no guarantee as to which doctor will look after you.

Contacting Your Doctor

If you are experiencing any problems you feel will not wait until your next visit, contact your doctor in normal surgery hours. Please let reception know that you are experiencing a problem with your pregnancy. If your doctor is not available, ask to speak to another Shared Care doctor or the nurse on duty.

Out of hours please contact Labour ward at the hospital. Make sure you have these phone numbers available to you at all times.