Dr Doron Gaddie is experienced in performing vasectomy.  You are free to make an appointment with Dr Gaddie to discuss the suitability of this procedure in detail.

Vasectomy is an operation performed to stop sperm from reaching the ejaculate, therefore preventing unwanted pregnancies. The procedure performed at Bayside Medical Group is the 'No-scalpel Vasectomy' (NSV).

NSV is done under local anaesthetic.   The vas deferens (the tube carrying sperm from the testis) is brought through the surface of the scrotum.   A small segment of the vas is removed from each side and the ends are tied.  A barrier of fascia (part of the sheath covering the vas) is then interposed and stitched between the cut ends.  This final step further prevents sperm from bridging the gap.

The following are possible side effects and complications that can be associated with the procedure.

Pain: Local discomfort is to be expected. In rare cases, this can last indefinitely, but usually it settles within a few days.

Bruising / bleeding

Infection: The sterile technique used by Bayside Medical Group minimises the risk.

Failure : Very rare, but for this reason, a sperm analysis is performed after approximately 20-25 ejaculates. Interestingly, it is reported that 1:35000 men has an accessory vas deferens that is not detectable clinically.

Recanalisation: There is a remote chance that the tubes can rejoin. However, the data shows that when a fascial barrier is placed between the cut ends, the risk is as close as one can get to zero.  This particular technique is used by Dr Gaddie.

These complications are not common, however, it is important that you understand them.

More information about this procedure and the consent form is found in the document below.

Vasectomy Information and Consent