Intra-Uterine Device (Mirena™)


Bayside Medical Group has a number of doctors who perform IUD insertion and removal.

The procedure is mostly performed (for appropriate women) as a form of long term reversible contraception but may also be used for excessive menstrual bleeding or as part of a regime in hormone replacement therapy.

IUD’s which are impregnated with hormone are very reliable in preventing pregnancy with a failure rate of about 0.2% (99.8% effective)

You may view the Mirena Product Information here.

Assessment Process

Prior to insertion women considering having an IUD inserted should attend one of the doctors who perform the procedure for an initial assessment. (If there is more to be dealt with than just the assessment and discussion about the IUD, patients should make a long appointment)

At this assessment the patient will need to ascertain if IUD use is appropriate in their situation and also to gain an understanding of the benefits of this form of contraception as well as the potential side effects and risks. The patient will need to have an understanding of the method of insertion as well as the most appropriate timing. Medical history relevant to IUD insertion will need to be gathered and a full gynaecological examination performed. A Cervical Screening Test can also be performed at this time if it has not been collected recently.


At this assessment written information can be provided regarding the device.

If you have used an IUD in the past or if you are currently using an IUD and it is due to be replaced it is still recommended that you attend for an assessment prior to arranging the procedure.


The insertion of the IUD is performed in our Procedure Room as a general anaesthetic is usually not required. A half hour booking for a “Procedure” is required and can be arranged when attending for the initial assessment. The doctor is assisted for this procedure by one of our nurses.


Women should attend for a review appointment 6 weeks after insertion and can consider annual review after that time.

Current doctors performing IUD insertion include Drs Paul Molloy , Sanja Arcon and Sue English.