Contraceptive Hormone Implant (Implanon™)


The Implanon™ implant is usually inserted under the skin on the inner aspect of the upper arm.  Implanon™ is a convenient and effective contraception method and its effect may last for up to three years.  As with all contraceptive methods, we encourage you to discuss all the advantages and disadvantages with your usual doctor before proceeding with this method.

If you are having the hormone implant inserted for the first time ensure you have read the Consumer Medical Information (CMI) which will be provided by your prescribing doctor.

The implant should be inserted soon after the commencement of your period (or withdrawal bleed if you are on the combined oral contraceptive) and no later than 5 days after the first day of bleeding.

If you are on the progestagen only pill (Minipill) or have an IUD, the implant can be inserted at any time.

If you have been using injections of progestagen, the insertion should occur when your next injection is due.

Removal can occur at any time within the 3 years from insertion. Replacement can nearly always be done on the same day as removal.