Dive Medicals


The Australian Dive Medical assesses the fitness and suitability of prospective scuba divers and ensures that the medical standards for diver fitness meet the Australian Standards AS 4005.1 for recreational divers, and AS/NZS 2299.1 for occupational divers.

Scuba diving does involve some risk and some medical conditions can make the risk of death while diving much higher. As a result, the regulations, requirements and medical standards relating to diving in Australia are amongst the strictest in the world, in order to ensure that Australia continues to be one of the safest places to dive in the world.

It is a legal requirement for medical practitioners who perform diving examinations to adhere to these standards and to have had a level of training approved under the Standard.

Developed largely by the South Pacific Underwater Medical Society (SPUMS), the Standards for dive medical examinations in Australia are closely modelled on the SPUMS dive medical examination.

You may call on 95989911 to make an appointment with either Paul Molloy or Tim Dillon for a diving medical.

Please do not use our online appointment booking service for a dive medical.

A detailed questionnaire and examination is performed according to the Australian Standard.