Referrals and Repeat Prescriptions

Referrals and Repeat Prescriptions

The Policy of the Practice is that all repeat prescriptions or specialist referrals require an assessment with your doctor.

Prescription medication and referrals will generally require an appointment for review of the condition being treated as well as an opportunity to deal with other health issues. Medical care is best provided in person.  During the appointment, elements of the history including medications can be updated to ensure accurate information is relayed to the specialist and current medical details are up to date.

Prescriptions and referrals are available on request over the phone to assist people in the circumstance where they are not able to attend.   This can be an occasional occurrence.   Scripts and referrals are provided on request to help patients in this situation.

Phone requests for prescriptions may be provided without repeats with the expectation that an appointment for review will be made at a later time.

The doctor reserves the right to decline a request for a prescription or a referral over the phone if they do not regard it as appropriate.

The doctor reserves the right to not provide referrals for an indefinite (ongoing) period if they do not consider it appropriate.

The provision of referrals and prescriptions outside of appointments will generally attract a fee.

The following fees apply:

  • Script $26.00
  • Referral $36.00

Fees should be paid in advance – we cannot provide this service until the fee is paid. No repeats will be written and a follow up appointment should be made with your Doctor

Your request will be sent to your Doctor - however the Doctor may wish to see you to write your script- if this is the case the fee will be refunded.