Bayside Medical Group has partnered with the Myhealth Medical Group.  This partnership will enable us to deliver our medical services more efficiently as we will have the administrative support of the Myhealth Group. 

Bayside Medical Group was founded by local community doctors in 1966 and through the years has grown into an important provider of primary health care in the Bayside area.  This long tradition of providing high quality health care is central to the culture at our clinics and we intend to carry this forward into the future as our practice grows in partnership with the Myhealth Group.

What will change ?

The Hampton and Mentone branches will be renamed to Myhealth Hampton and Myhealth Mentone respectively.  There will be some change in signs and staff uniforms. 

We will be utilising a new online appointment booking system which will have more features enabling communications between yourself and our doctors.  Our current system will remain in place during the transition so you can still make appointments using the Appointuit booking system.

What will stay the same?

Doctors in our Group will continue to share in the ownership of the Practices.

Doctors in our Group will continue as Medical Directors of the Practices.

Our doctors will continue to provide the same high level of service to which you are accustomed.  Our existing services will remain unchanged. 

Our practice policies and billing structure will remain unchanged.

Your Medical records will be maintained in the same way they have always been and ownership as well as responsibility for these will be held by the merged entities Myhealth Hampton and Myhealth Mentone.

If you wish to know more about how your medical records are managed in the transition, we encourage you to contact us at privacy@baysidemedicalgroup.com.au.   

Our privacy policy may be viewed at http://baysidemedicalgroup.com.au/our-policies.

Our phone and fax number remain unchanged.

There has been substantial preparation and planning to ensure that the transition has a minimal impact on our ability to continue to provide the high standard of care that you expect.

We are very excited about this partnership and we look forward to enhancing our medical services to our local community as we grow and develop.

Yours Faithfully

Dr Doron Gaddie,  Dr Paul Molloy, Dr Damian Marinucci

The Medical Directors

Bayside Medical Group